Contemporary Alpitude

Clothes should make you feel good. A simple idea, yet complex. Too much in the fashion industry revolves around the search for the new and the spectacular. But this search becomes exhausting at times and one feels dissatisfied with looking like the imagination of a crazy stylist. Instead, how about investing in a product that will still be a welcome sight in your wardrobe in a year or more! Perhaps a rucksack that becomes more and more beautiful with the patina of use? Or a cardigan that can help you look better than you might feel?

And there's another part of the fashion equation to remember: who made my product? In a world of fast fashion, we should advocate for the slow. That means taking a moment to see what it says on the label and wondering if the manufacturers had a good and safe place to work while they were at the sewing machine. Why not less, but better things? Things made by people who got paid right for their day at the factory. It's time to mind the truth behind what you are wearing.