Contemporary alpitude

glücklich starts 12 years ago as a small project with a focus on knitwear, which reflected the tradition of alpine culture in terms of craftsmanship, quality and durability on the one hand and also with a great desire to go beyond these traditions and find a modern key with the zeitgeist of fashion, innovations and trends on the other. Meanwhile, we design clothing for men, women and children, as well as a wide selection of special bags, rucksacks and accessories. We are committed to a timeless, special design and manufacture our products exclusively in the Alps and the surrounding areas.
For our productions we use carefully selected and durable fabrics, mainly from Italy and Germany. That is certainly one of the most important reasons and at the same time a guarantee, why our clothes are beautiful inside and outside. Today we are also able to experiment with new techniques to give our collections more foresight. Special fabric laminates made of original loden and felted fabrics in addition to Windtex membranes give new virtue to our outerwear Wetterfleck series. Produced in limited quantities and with a strong commitment to high-quality materials and regional production values, our collection can be found in our two shops in Appiano on the Wine Route, in Merano and in around 60 selected boutiques. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Contemporary Alpitude

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